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Daily horoscope for Saturday, February 23, Avoid shopping or important Gemini (May June 20). Be careful not to be too pushy.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. You also might become involved in some spiritual study — yoga, for instance. If single, you might want to take your time making a decision about a tie. You could want someone different in a year.

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If attached, even though you want to spend some time alone, keep the communication with your sweetie authentic and informative. He or she will be more supportive. LIBRA is very friendly — like it or not! Defer to others and run with impulsiveness. You could be irritated by an older person who seems difficult by choice.

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Do not let this person colour your day. Join a loved one or a dear friend. Let the good times roll. Tonight: Going till the wee hours. Pace yourself because you have a lot of ground to cover. You might have decided to throw a spontaneous get-together with friends.

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No one will mind lending a helping hand. Tonight: What was meant as fun and friendly could become outrageously mischievous. Your playful ways emerge when dealing with others.

A child or loved one wants to monopolize your time whenever you act like this. You might have made plans otherwise and want to keep plans as they are.

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Be flattered even if you get a little flak. Tonight: Play the night away. Make today a homey day where you might make cookies or watch a movie or two. Tonight: Home is where the heart is.

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Make an effort to reach out to a neighbour or sibling. You'll enjoy yourself to the max just catching up on news. You actually love this person's company more than you realize. Make more plans together. Tonight: Hang out. You might not be able to contain yourself the next few days.

One might think you won the lottery as you spend way above your budget. Rein yourself in and you will be a lot happier ultimately. Tonight: Please let someone else treat. Your smile radiates and draws others to you. If you had wanted some quiet time with a loved one or by yourself, you might want to forget those plans for now; however, you could make time for this later in the day.

Tonight: Where you want to be. Look at what you can accomplish and the best way to go about getting what you want.

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Use your intelligence, and be prepared to adapt quickly when a change is required. Doing what you say, keeping your promises and saying no to unreasonable demands will help you avoid a misunderstanding. A joint venture will not live up to your expectations. Use discretion. Getting involved in a cause, volunteering, making a difference and sharing your ideas with someone you enjoy spending time with will all lead to new endeavors.

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LEO July Aug. Talk less and do more, and you will avoid being criticized. A change someone makes should not interfere with your plans. A positive personal change is overdue. Refuse to give in to someone who is always asking you for something. Put your needs first, and establish personal adjustments that will encourage less stress and improved physical health. Someone with more experience will offer insight into an unprecedented lifestyle change.

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A partnership will end up turning into an unexpected game changer. Walk away from unwarranted behavior. Concentrate on how you present who you are, how you look and what you have to offer.