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Daily horoscope for Saturday, February 23, Avoid shopping or important Gemini (May June 20). Be careful not to be too pushy.

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Financial status seems to be usual like any other day. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Virgo weekly and Virgo monthly horoscope. To read Virgo horoscope in Hindi, see Kanya rashifal today. Related Links. Get your birth chart based on your birth date.

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This is not an understatement. They tend to mix two very important traits in any kind of work situation: drive and the ability to think in abstract terms.

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They will excel. Still, the best jobs for them are business, entrepreneurship and science. They are not only able to work with what is, but they have the power, drive and energy to explore what could be.

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This is why, in scientific settings, they tend to become organic leaders. People naturally gravitate towards them because they lead by example. They seem very, very open-minded. Deep down, they are very driven, focused, and results-oriented. Not surprisingly, they command a lot of natural loyalty. Even if they are assigned a very boring job, they find the fun in it. They find a way to get excited.

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  4. Not only that, they look for possibilities. This enables them to not only turn in work on time, but they make sure that they turn in the very best work.


    Virgo Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

    January 19 Capricorns would rather spend that time doing something about it and providing a solid example to others. For people born on the 19 th of January, their normal, happy go lucky exterior can change overnight. If they feel that they are somehow being insulted, as far as their deeply held values are concerned, they have often a scary ability to ward people off.

    This can make you a very formidable opponent. The worst part of you is when you become stubborn. You also can be quite solid as far as quality standards are concerned. To some extent, you exhibit traits of a perfectionist due to your January 19 Earth orientation. Saturn, on this day, focuses on boundaries and limitations. An exciting fresh start is here, and you're eager to travel or otherwise expand your world. Some confusion in your relationships arrives today, though, so stay focused on your needs and emotions.

    Today's new moon in Virgo brings emotional breakthroughs! It's a wonderful time for dream work and psychic development.

    Virgo Horoscope

    Take time off from work if you can, and watch out for confusion in your schedule. Catch up on rest, Libra! Today's new moon in Virgo finds you entering a new social circle. Confusion and drama may come up today, but you have to stay focused on your goals. Use the new moon's energy to meditate on your hopes and wishes for the future. A new cycle is beginning in your career today, thanks to the new moon in Virgo!

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    You're confused about things at home, but feel eager to push forward with new opportunities in your public life. Take it slow and stay present with your emotions. Find a way to balance your personal and public lives. Today's new moon in fellow earth sign Virgo opens your mind up to so many new possibilities. You're beginning to see the world in the new way, Capricorn. Watch out for miscommunications today, and focus on the big picture.